Hi. I’m Krishna Pradyumna Mokshagundam. I am a freelance software developer living in Hyderabad. I previously worked as an Associate Software Engineer. I finished my BTech in Comp. Sc. at CVR College Of Engineering, Hyderabad.

I like to code in C and Java. I’m an Android enthusiast and a learner. Operating systems and Networking interest me a lot. I’m a huge fan of Linux and Android. I have huge respect towards people who develop and maintain open source software. I believe that it’s one of many ways to give back to the society.

         I like solving problems and helping people out when they are stuck on something. Unsolved issues will never let me sleep. That’s why I’d love to call myself, “The Troubleshooter”. 😉😉

You may know more about me here . You can look at my professional profile here. I’m active on Twitter @pradyukrish.